Roller-Marathon 2017

Date: December 2017
Time: 9am
Venue: Ernskates Safra Punggol

Our Roller-Marathon 2017 was a huge day of fun and achievement for all our students and coaches! More than 150 students completed the first Marathon of their lives!

Our coach team is extremely proud of all our students who displayed great strength in overcoming the distance at such a young age 👏

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Ernskates Skate Day 2017

Date: August 2017
Time: 6pm
Venue: Ernskates East Coast Park

Our recent SkateDay was alot of fun, food and entertainment! We were extremely happy to see our students and parents of all ages enjoy themselves.

A big thank you to all who came. For those who couldn’t make it, we hope you can join us next time! Our next event (year end holidays) will be better!

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